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  • Eliminates problems caused by leaks, seal water, worn shafts and old machines.
    This exceptional material saves energy as it lubricates and cools in pressures up to 20 bar.
    Plastic tubs 5 kgs.

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  • New Type INJ-PAC TOOL is designed by advanced structure. It is more convenient operating and reliable quality.

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  • Insulation Gasket Kit, Normal Pressure, is available in both full-face (Type E) and ring style (Type F)configurations.

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  • Insulation Gasket Kit, Normal Pressure, is available in both full-face (Type E) and ring style (Type F)configurations.

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  • Natural graphite thermal conductive film,whose carbon content ranges from 99.0%-99.9%,is processed from flake graphite.

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  • Guillotine Packing Cutter

    PACC is the updating design style tools, using the guillotine, but not the knife to cut.
    It improves cutting accuracy and efficiency.

    Its ruler can precisely cut the required length, and the 45° incision perfectly meets the installation requirements of the compression packing.

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  • The removable tips of our flexible shaft extractors deliver multipurpose capabilities for time and cost savings. Our corkscrew bit provides easy extraction for fibrous packings. When removing hardened packing, the woodscrew bit is a suitable option.

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  • Expanded PTFE has excellent chemical resistance and creep resistance.Because of its high compressibility, it is ideal for fragile flanges and uneven flange seals.

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    • Color: Blue
    • Filler: Glass Micro spheres
    • Sheet Size: 1500*1500
    • Gasket size: ASME B16.21 / EN 1514-1
    • Thickness: 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 3.0mm
    • PH: 0 ~ 14.
    • Usage temperature: -100℃~﹢250℃
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  • Similar as Style 1389, and it can replaced Style 1389, but almost the same function. Chemical, paper, dye and fertilizer industries. Water, steam, oils, solvents, salts, acids and alkalies except for very strong oxidants.PTFE, Graphite, braided

    • Temperature (ºC) -240—288
    • Pressure (Bar) 131
    • Velocity (m/s) 19.3
    • PH 0-14
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  • Description: Oil Resistance Asbestos-Free Gasket Sheet
    Main material: Aramid fiber, Filler, NBR rubber.

    • Tensile strength(Mpa): >7.0
    • Working temperature: 250 ℃. Top Temperature: 400℃
    • Standard size (mm):1270*1270,  1270*3810, 1500*1500,1500*4500
    • Thickness (mm):0.5/0.8/1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0
    • Tolerance: Thickness: ±10%, length & width:±50mm
    • Gasket Size
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  • PTFE has excellent properties and is widely used in industrial sealing, electronics, chemical and other fields.
    Cierne Mechanical provides a wide range of PTFE plates, rods, tubes, case and CNC machining products.

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