Graphite Gasket Sheet

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  • Natural graphite thermal conductive film,whose carbon content ranges from 99.0%-99.9%,is processed from flake graphite.

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    • Usage: Gasket material, packing material; composite plates and cylinder gaskets. Static sealing gaskets material ( such as: level gages, crystallizers and flanges, etc.). Sticking layer on various metallic surfaces ( to improve sealing performance)
    • Working temperature: -200℃-1650℃ (in oxidizing media under 550℃).
    • Size: Thickness 0.1mm-2.0mm; Width: 1000/1500mm
    • Special dimension can be ordered on customer’s demands
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  • Flexible Graphite Foil is made from high carbon content scale-like graphite through chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then rolling. It is a basic material for making different kinds of graphite sealing parts.

    • Usage: For making different kinds of graphite belts, packing, gaskets, composite plates, cylinder gaskets, etc.
    • Working temperature: -200℃-1650℃ (in oxidizing media under 550℃).
    • Size: Thickness 0.1mm-2.0mm; Width: 1000/1500mm, Length: 30/50/100meter
    • Special dimension can be ordered on customer’s demands.
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  • Graphite with Tanged Insert (Spears Metal Sheet)  Gasket Sheet, we also called by Reinforced Flexible Graphite gasket sheet, this material is a kind of sealing packing with excellent comprehensive properties. It overcomes the disadvantage of low intensity of the ordinary gaskets. It can be used in the condition of high temperature, high pressure and sealing.

    • Standard size: L * W (mm): 1000*1000, 1500*1500,
    • Thickness (mm): 0.8/1.0/1.5/2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0
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  • Ribbon Seal Tape is corrugated by graphite tape (with self-adhesive coating if requesting). Widely using on endless gasket strip for vessels and flanges of extreme uneven, there is a good performance in high temperature and high pressure working condition. It is a good seal choosing for heat exchangers, boiler, pipes, doors, covers, etc.

    • Easy handling and installation to every size
    • Used as universal gasket during revisions
    • Save cost
    • Can be with adhesive on one side.
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  • The die-formed graphite rings is manufactured from high purity graphite. This ring combine carbon fiber packing ring for gland sealing, such as soot blower, suitable for extreme temperature, it is reduced stem friction, not only protecting axle obviously but also support enough power output of equipment.

    • Profile: Square section; V-shaped; wedge-shaped section.
    • Application: Mixer, Blowers, valve etc.
    • Size: D:6mm to 900mm   OD:12mm to 1100mm
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