Cnc Ptfe Parts

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  • PTFE has excellent properties and is widely used in industrial sealing, electronics, chemical and other fields.
    Cierne Mechanical provides a wide range of PTFE plates, rods, tubes, case and CNC machining products.

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  • PTFE Lantern Ring/Universal Seal Cage
    Application:   Pulp & Paper Stock Pumps / Boiler Feed & Condensate Return Pumps / Centrifugal Pumps / Vertical Turbine Pumps / Wastewater- Slurry -Sludge Pumps /, Agitators $ Mixers / Positive Displacement Pumps / Chemical Pumps / etc
    Structure: Solid Ring / Split half Rings/ Tape Cutting by Customer Specifications.

    • Material: Pure PTFE / Glass Fiber Filled PTFE


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