Bearing Isolators

Increase the Reliability of Your Rotating Equipment

Cierne Seal Bearing Isolators permanently protect rotating equipment from contamination ingress and lubrication loss, significantly increasing equipment reliability, reducing maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime.
Bearing Isolator (Bearing Protector) is a kind of non-contact, non-wearing, permanent bearing protection device. It consists of a rotor and a stator, which are unitized by an O-ring, so that the two parts will not be separated during the operation. Typically, the rotor turns with the shaft, and the stator is pressed into the bearing housing. The two components interact to keep the pollutants out of the bearing housing and prevent the leakage of the lubricants , even when the equipment is shut down. The sealing performance of the Bearing Isolator will not degrade over time, which will enable it to provide life-time bearing protection for the rotating equipment.

Bearing isolator characteristics:

  • No contact, no wear, zero energy consumption
  • No leakage, no maintenance, durable bearing protection
  • Suitable for grease, dip oil, splash, oil mist and other lubrication environment
  • Conform to IEEE-841 and API610 standards
  • Tin bronze, stainless steel, aluminum alloy or other materials to adapt to extreme working conditions
Bearing isolator is a non - contact, non - wear bearing protection device.
Bearing isolator is a new type of seal developed on the basis of compound labyrinth seal. It adopts static and static ring structure design to prevent lubricant leakage and moving ring to prevent external pollutants from entering the bearing box.
Between the stationary and stationary rings is the steam blocking ring, which not only makes the bearing isolator a whole design, but also can prevent the moisture in the outside air from entering the bearing box under the condition of equipment stop.When the equipment is in operation, there is no contact between the rotor and stator rings and no power loss.The vapor barrier ring is suspended under centrifugal force, and there is no friction between the ring and the stationary one.As a result, the seal performance of the bearing isolator product does not degrade over time, allowing it to provide durable bearing protection for rotating equipment.