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PEEK Material

We supply PEEK sheet, rod and CNC finished parts.
PEEK can be modified by Glass fiber and Carbon fiber.


PEEK Profile

PEEK resin is a kind of excellent special engineering plastics, has more significant advantages compared with other special engineering plastics, resistance to high temperature is 260 degrees, mechanical performance, good self-lubrication, resistance to chemical corrosion, flame retardant, stripping resistance, abrasion resistance, no strong sulfuric acid, nitric acid resistance, radiation resistance, strong mechanical properties can be used for high-end technology such as mechanical, nuclear engineering and aviation.

PEEK is difficult to meet the different requirements of different industries and fields. Therefore, in special working environment, PEEK needs to be modified by mainly means of blending modification, copolymerization modification, composite reinforcement modification, filling modification, nano modification and surface modification. The modification can increase some aspects of PEEK, such as wear resistance and impact strength, so as to expand the application scope of PEEK, reduce the cost of materials and improve the processing performance of PEEK.

Modified PEEK

Glass fiber modification: 10% glass fiber modification, 20% glass fiber modification, 30% glass fiber modification

Carbon fiber modification: 10% carbon fiber modification, 20% carbon fiber modification, 30% carbon fiber modification.

PEEK Physical Properties

Gravity  (23°C) 1.28 ~ 1.38 g/cm3 ASTM D792
1.26 ~ 1.38 g/cm3 ISO 1183
Melt flow rate (400°C/2.16 kg) 2.0 ~ 36 g/10 min ASTM D1238
MVR  (380°C/10.0 kg) 14.1 ~ 23.8 cm3/10min ISO 1133