Aramid/Kevlar Series Packing

Aramid/kevlar Series Packing

Aramid/Kevlar Series Packing

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  • Application: Chemical, paper, dye and fertilizer industries. Steam, fuels, water, dilute acids and alkalies, organic compounds, oils, greases and solvents, etc.

    • Composition:Kevlar Fiber, PTFE/Black PTFE(Graphite impregnant)
    • GH1340: White PTFE with Aramid Corner Pacing
    • GH1359: Black PTFE with Aramid Corner Pacing
    • Temperature (ºC) : -23—260
    • Size:3×3mm–50×50mm
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  • Kevlar gland Packing is usually applied to pulp factory, sand slurry tin mine and feed water pump of power plant etc. Braided from high quality Dupont spun Nomex yarns with PTFE-Impregnation and lubricant additive. High cross-sectional density and structural strength, good sliding characteristic, gentle on shaft surfaces. Compared to Kevlar, it do not hurt shaft, also ideal for food industries.

    • Composition: Nomex Fiber, PTFE
    • Temperature (ºC) -100 – 250
    • Pressure (Bar) 100
    • Velocity (m/s) 20
    • PH 1-13
    • Size: 3×3mm–50×50mm
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